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About Us

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Sourcing and managing roll-off dumpsters and other site rental services is a time-consuming hassle, often with unpredictable results. Whether it’s for your business, event or construction site, at a single location or multiple locations across the country, CMS Logistics is your go-to partner for getting the job done.

We don’t just talk the talk, we truly care. CMS Logistics has a team of expert project managers that get it all done for you with excellence, anywhere in the United States with just one call 24/7/365.

We act as part of your team, obsessing over the details of your project, making sure the ball never gets dropped so you don’t have to. This is what makes us the #1 choice for thousands of the most prominent contractors, property managers and event producers in the country.

We don’t take that responsibility lightly, and we’re passionate about earning and keeping your trust.

Our carefully vetted network of partner haulers and site rental providers, coupled with our proprietary workflow process and technology have been finely tuned over the last 23 years by a team of top industry veterans, which means you can rest easy. We’ve got this.

Bottom line – while others provide excuses, we perform…reliably and professionally, every time.

Our Story

The story of CMS Logistics began with a single phone call in 2006, sparking an idea that temporary dumpster rentals and other construction site services could be delivered anywhere in the United States using better technology and superior customer service to the existing alternatives. An idea that turned into a multi-million dollar enterprise that continues to innovate and exceed the expectations of commercial customers across the country…

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From Waste Industry Salesman to Budding Entrepreneur

Bill Lowther has invested his entire career in the waste and recycling industry. After graduating college, he went directly into sales for one of the most respected independent waste service companies in the industry at the time, Ace Service Corporation in Philadelphia, PA. Ace Service was a multi-generational company run by Bill Eels, who became a mentor to Lowther, ingraining an extraordinary level of attention to customer service into every future endeavor he would pursue. Ace Service was subsequently sold to a major waste service conglomerate.

Soon thereafter, Bill became quite disillusioned by the lack of attention to the level of customer service he had become accustomed to at Ace Service and decided to change directions and focus on his own entrepreneurial venture. That venture became a very successful equipment rental company called GEAC, which stands for General Equipment Acceptance Corporation. GEAC provides compactors, bailers and recycling equipment to commercial customers all across the United States to this day.

It All Started With a Random Phone Call

CMS Logistics was born out of an unplanned opportunity in February of 2006. Bill received a phone call from a college student in Vermont who needed someone to come and clean out his father’s garage and asked if GEAC provided dumpster rental services. He found GEAC from an ad Bill had placed in the Yellow Pages for compactor repair work, back when Yellow Pages were the go-to for finding just about anything, and online was just beginning to really take off.

On a whim, Bill took the order and worked his way through it. Between that moment and the day that container was set to arrive in the driveway of that garage, Bill quickly realized there was pent up demand in the marketplace for that type of service, and it wasn’t readily available online. The waste industry in particular was not tech savvy, and customers weren’t thrilled with the services they were getting.

Bill saw the great business model opportunity in front of him. It would require building a team that could get really good at generating and capturing online leads coupled with the outstanding customer service that was ingrained in him since college. But in order to do all this it would take technology… technology that wasn’t readily available through shopping carts and off the shelf ERP systems like they are today. It would have to be built from scratch from the ground up.

From Whiteboard Idea to Multi-Million Dollar Enterprise

Bill immediately diverted a large portion of his attention from the compactor rental business and began to whiteboard ideas for making waste hauling and recycling available online through websites and landing pages, making them instantly and affordably accessible for anyone in need, anywhere in the country.

Those whiteboard brainstorming sessions became the business plan for CMS Logistics, evolving over years of long days, sleepless nights and heavy financial investments into a crack team of dedicated people, leveraging systems and processes using advanced business rules coupled with millions of lines of code, all driven by CMS’s core value of obsession with the customers’ needs. That obsession continues to drive the hiring of committed team members and ongoing improvement of the technology, processes and systems that sit at the center of CMS’s operations. CMS Logistics became one of the first movers in the space and the sites that were built back then still dominate most of the US.

Where Do We Go From Here?

CMS Logistics has only just begun. There is a void in the marketplace for scaling a company that can perform anywhere in the country and take the hassle out of our customers’ hands, while retaining a core focus on their needs. And it is recognized by our customers when that is actually practiced. They instinctively know there is something different about working with CMS, from the project managers who handle every single detail of the process with a “no excuses” attitude, to the accounting department that goes beyond the call of duty every day with customized billing solutions and streamlining of complex invoices for national customers. The list goes on. Technology and systems continue to improve, people continue to develop, and it is looking like the sky’s the limit.

Taking A Long-Term Approach To True Sustainability

At CMS Logistics we take the environment and sustainability very seriously. We believe in being good stewards of the environment in which we all live work and play every day. That’s why we are continuously implementing processes in our operations that will help our team and our customers improve energy efficiency, better manage waste and recycling procedures, and generally speaking to simply reduce our impact on the environment.

Saying it is one thing, but it takes true determination to convert sustainability goals into actions. At CMS we are committed to action within our own team, as well as our partners across the country.

Our Core Values


We obsess over every detail of our customer’s needs


We are committed to honesty and integrity in everything we do


We are dedicated to continuous improvement in every area


We are committed to a cleaner environment and sustainable practices


We hire and develop dedicated people that work as a team to deliver results!


We continuously innovate and simplify every process


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