Concrete Washout Stations

Concrete Washout Stations

Keep Your Concrete Project Clean And Compliant

When you have a construction project going on, it’s important to have a washout containment system, so you don’t leak cement into the environment and cause it harm. CMS Logistics provides concrete washout stations that are portable and easy to manage, so you can be responsive to your construction site managers and also helpful to contractors who need to comply with today’s job site stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP’s) and recycling requirements.

We Rent Concrete Washout Stations Nationwide

Our concrete washout stations keep your concrete contractors from rinsing their trucks out on the ground after a concrete delivery. Prevent runoff that can contaminate the ground at your job site by ordering a concrete washout from CMS Logistics. Our expert project managers will walk you through what you need and get the equipment to your site reliably and exactly when you need it.

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At the end of the day, CMS has our business because they’ve been able to deliver. They are 100% reliable. For us, the biggest thing is the ability or the inability to provide what we need when we need it, and as long as we have worked with CMS, we’ve never experienced an issue that didn’t have a solution.

Joe Gaeta