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Commercial Storage Solutions

CMS Logistics can provide storage solutions for your next project or event. Our storage solutions will help keep your job site safe and secure. We provide basic storage containers that will keep your equipment and materials safe from the elements. Contact our team at CMS Logistics to find out more about storage options and packages for your projects.

Homeowner Storage

If your doing a small home renovation you may need a safe and secure location to keep your materials. Our storage solutions allow you to store equipment and materials in order to protect them from theft and the natural elements. Contact our experienced team now to find out the solutions we can provide for your next project.


These storage solutions will keep your job site safe. Job site safety should be a top priority and may even be a legal obligation for all of your job sites. These containers are capable of keeping things out of reach from children and or bystanders. We recommend that you inquire about our storage solutions so you can remove the possibility of any job site injuries that otherwise could have been avoided.


Keeping your job site secure may be necessary based upon the location of your job site or event. We know that everyone can not be trusted. For that reason we recommend you inquire about our storage options to avoid any theft or destruction to your equipment and material. Our storage containers are capable of locking keeping expensive equipment and material inaccessible to any unwanted guests. Contact our team at CMS Logistics to find out more.