Joseph Haslam

VP of Digital Strategy & Marketing Operations

I helped start-up the online business for CMS Logistics and establish our amazing dispatch center. Thirteen years later I am back to help take it to the next level for our customers. My expertise is business process re-engineering and applying technology to make transactions frictionless. What these means to you is that you will get fast expert service.

Joseph Haslam is the Vice President of Digital Strategy & Marketing Operations for CMS Logistics. Joseph loves what CMS Logistics is doing so much he’s back for round two! Joseph has vast Business Process re-engineering expertise from DuPont, Deloitte, and several other companies. In simple terms, this means making things work easier, faster, and more reliably.

Joseph has designed entire supply chain systems, sales and marketing systems, and more websites than he can count. Joseph also teaches. He is an adjunct professor at NYU and has published a variety of training courses and videos through platforms such as Udemy, YouTube, Vimeo, and the Digital Knowledge Centre (UK). What this means for CMS Logistics’ customers is a series of well thought out and documented projects to improve CMS’ customer service and project implementation.

Joseph graduated from the University of Phoenix with a BA in Business Management. Joseph continues to earn certifications in various disciplines such as Python, SQL, Project Management, WordPress Development, Microsoft’s Azure, and Telecommunications.

Joseph is an internationally ranked Chess player and believes in looking several moves ahead in everything he does.

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