Generators & Equipment

Generators & Equipment

Get The Power You Need When You Need It

CMS Logistics equipment rental is always about keeping your project’s specific needs front and center. When it comes to generators, we offer a wide range, from container diesel to towable, gas-powered, plus all the accessories. We’re here to power your project, whatever that looks like—from 2,500 to 10,000 watts! And don’t forget that we are experts at providing a wide range of equipment rentals from pressure washers to scissor lifts and more.

Generators And Accessories For Any Project, Anywhere, Any Time

Keep your business, jobsite or event powered up and running with a wide range of generators, sourced and delivered by the expert logistics project managers at CMS Logistics. Rather than being restricted to only what we might have in stock, CMS can source and deliver the exact generator you need. Just give us your power requirements, site location and when you need it and we will take care of the rest, guaranteed! Stop wasting your valuable time when all it takes is one call to CMS.

Get Fast Delivery Of A Wide Variety Of Equipment Rentals

CMS Logistics has a vast array of site rental equipment to fulfill just about any equipment need you may have. Let our expert project managers arrange for and deliver your equipment needs rather than wasting your valuable time chasing that elusive piece of equipment down only to be disappointed by the quality of the equipment or the lack of prompt delivery options. We are site logistics experts. Put us on your team and let us show you what we can deliver for you.

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"Our guys work ungodly hours. When there’s a storm we go! CMS is amazing, they just handle everything. They bend over backward for us every day. The relationship just works. We would recommend them to anyone in our industry. The CMS app makes it so easy for all our foremen to handle everything in the field in 30 seconds. Pickups, exchanges and drop-offs are so easy now with the click of a button on their phone. We all love it! Saves four hours a day here in purchasing from the old way we did it."

Norm LaFave

MJ Electric