Commercial Toilet Rentals

Our experienced team is prepared to handle all of your waste management needs for all of your projects. We provide nationwide waste management services for large scale projects. CMS Logistics understands what goes into planning a major project and the planning that is required. We have developed a network across the nation in order to best service all of our clients. Contact CMS today and find out what we can do for you.

Residential Toilet Rentals

Portable toilets are the best solution for home renovations, weddings, events, etc. Our professional project managers have handled large events, parties and more! Our team can help you decide what will be the best solution for your next renovation or event. We have a wide variety of options that will meet your each and every need. Contact us now and learn how we can help you.

Standard Portable Toilet

Our standard portable toilet rental is the best solution for quick restroom services. Our standard portable toilet rental is your typical port-a-potty with quick and easy service. These are the simplest solution for major to small job sites. The standard portable toilet features one singe toilet and urinal. 

Handicap Portable Toilet

CMS Logistics offers wheelchair accessible restrooms. These portable toilets may be legally required depending on the event and or project it is required for. This portable toilet features a larger size restroom with a single toilet. These restrooms are accessible by most wheelchairs. Sizes and availability may vary based on location. Contact us now to find out more. 

Deluxe Portable Toilet

The Deluxe Portable Toilet package is a great option for your sanitary waste solutions. The Deluxe package comes with a flushing standard portable toilet with an up scaled design. With this package CMS Logistics provides a hand wash station to keep your employees as sanitary as possible. Contact us now to find out availability and pricing. Availability and pricing may vary depending on location.

Office Trailer Portable Toilet

CMS Logistics provides the best when it comes to portable toilet solutions. Our highest level portable toilet solution is our portable office trailer. Our premium portable toilet features two stalls. This mobile compact unit comes furnished with running electricity, air sanitation, flushing toilets, and sinks. We recommend this option for any premium job site and or event. Contact us now to inquire about availability and pricing.

Maintenance and Service

Our portable toilet rentals include drop off and pickup within the rental period. With this service we can include scheduled service of the restrooms to keep them functioning and sanitary on a regular basis. CMS Logistics will help you determine what you may need for your project and event and help you choose an appropriate time for regular service. Our service helps set us apart from most company. Choose CMS Logistics now and find out what you have been missing.