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AstroTurf is one of the most iconic brands in American sports — the brand that created the category is once again the leading innovator in synthetic turf. With over 50 years of experience and millions and millions of square feet of turf in use worldwide, AstroTurf brings more technological expertise and real world know-how to the game than any other brand.



AstroTurf, the premier brand in sports turf, performs turf replacement and installations nationwide. Timing is critical on these job sites which are often performed in the offseason, and there’s no room for preventable delays. AstroTurf regularly ran into inconsistent service with missed dump and returns and misplaced dumpsters. After trying other companies, CMS Logistics has been the only solution to deliver consistent results with personalized service and a simple, single point of contact.


Dalton, Georgia


Spectator Sports

Company Size

Enterprise (201-1000 employees)

Challenge: Finding a Company That Provides Reliable Service

As the original and premier name in the sports turf industry, AstroTurf manages job sites nationwide across its five sales territories. Time is of the essence on replacements and brand new installs, which often occur within tight windows of availability during the offseason. Preventable delays are not an option.

For Joe Gaeta, Director of Field Operations, his team of 16 installation crews and four site crews work methodically and efficiently to complete jobs on time, and they require a high level of logistical support to do so. When it comes to the technicality and volume of turf installations at AstroTurf, there isn’t time in a day to be solving dumpster and hauling problems.

“When our guys are just sitting there waiting on a swap out for a dumpster or we have to leave a guy behind to wait on it, that makes it very difficult on us,” Joe said.

Inconsistent and unreliable service became a common issue for Joe and his teams, which unnecessarily held up production.

“With other companies we’re having dumpsters placed in the wrong spots,” Joe said. “Then I find myself dealing with five phone calls back and forth with my guys to get them moved. It creates a big issue where there doesn’t need to be one.”

A Personal Project Manager for Consistent Results

AstroTurf discovered CMS Logistics through a company merger which brought together several companies, along with each of their preferred vendors. Through trials with different companies, CMS Logistics ultimately won the business by offering the most reliable and consistent service that AstroTurf could always depend on.

Mike Crossman, Project Manager at CMS Logistics, is the single point of contact for AstroTurf. While Joe is responsible for scheduling and setting up job sites with Mike, all of Joe’s team members in the field can contact Mike for on-the-fly changes and updates.

One simple call, text or email to Mike sets in motion a hassle-free and reliable hauling experience for Joe and his teams at AstroTurf. However, business is business and occasionally the AstroTurf team has sought out alternative options.

“To be honest, we gave other people a chance,” Joe said. “It’s a competitive market, so we’ve tried different companies for our hauling services. But when you say you’re going to do it, you better do it and you get one shot. CMS has always delivered.”

Exceptional Service That Translates to Reliable Results

As a leader in its industry, AstroTurf recognizes the importance of consistent service, especially after testing a variety of vendors.

“At the end of the day, CMS has our business and it’s just because they’ve been able to deliver,” Joe said. “I don’t want to talk every day about what’s going on with a dumpster at a job site. With CMS, we don’t talk about it.”

Since partnering with CMS Logistics, “fix it” calls from Joe’s teams in the field have disappeared. It’s allowed him to spend more time on strategy and planning, and less on fixing problems.

“I’d say the biggest thing with CMS is that we’ve never experienced an issue that didn’t have a solution,” Joe said. “I’ll be honest, working with CMS I never get a call from Mike. There hasn’t been a situation where it hasn’t been figured out between Mike and the guys in the field.

“After I schedule with Mike, I know it’s not going to cross my desk again and there is immense value in that. It’s why we chose CMS.”

Ready to set up your next job site?

CMS Logistics leverages its nationwide database of vetted haulers and site rental service providers, who meet our exceptional service standards. One simple click or call forever eliminates the hassle of sourcing and managing dumpsters and other site services.


Dalton, Georgia


Spectator Sports

Company Size

Enterprise (201-1000 employees)

“The biggest thing with us is the ability or the inability to provide what we need, when we need it. We’ve tried different companies, and CMS Logistics is the only one that consistently delivers every single time.”

– Joe Gaeta, Director of Field Operations at AstroTurf

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